are not just looking for another wedding photographer.  You are here for stylized compositions that reflect the story of your day.  You are here for eclectic and timeless inspired edits that make you feel as though your wedding gallery is a magazine.  You are here for documentation with a modern-heirloom mindset to pass on to your legacy. 

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want to represent their style and personalities through a storytelling theme for memorable save the dates, classic prints for the home, or just to chronicle your favorite stages of life together.

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individuals, brand-owners, mothers, and everyone in between.  Our lives are marked with significant and spectacular moments that are unique to us as individuals.  Wherever you are in your life right now matters.  Whatever your story is, let me help you express it.

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Anna Louise captured my wedding so elegantly and was amazing to work with! She is professional, creative, and is able to read situations to snap the best moments on camera! I didn’t give too much direction- just a few ‘inspiration pics’ and a conversation about what I’m generally going for- I was blown away by how beautiful every picture is! She is truly an artist!
On the day, she was there to calm some big day stresses and support me through all the family portraits! I cannot recommend her enough! I only have good things to say about Anna Louise, her amazing work, and her professionalism.

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From the very beginning, Anna-Louise was a professional, detail-oriented and thoughtful photographer.


She answered all of my questions confidently and brought up details and ideas I had not yet thought of. She was easy to communicate with throughout the planning process, and offered great feedback and tips.  After seeing my photos, I knew they were exactly what I had hoped for because she knew what I wanted, and knew what questions to ask.  I would highly recommend Anna-Louise for any photo needs, she's professional, incredibly talented and such a calming presence when things feel chaotic!

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My photography plans before I worked with Anna-Louise were to find a photographer that paid attention to details, really took time to ask questions, and invest in what I wanted for my engagement and wedding photos. I spoke to a few different photographers before speaking to Anna-Louise and I knew as soon as I spoke with her that she was the photographer I was going to book. She took the time to get to know me and my husband, and made sure to reinsure us that she was going to do her best to capture our day in the most beautiful way. She not only invested in her work, but she invested in us and made us feel comfortable. We can’t express how grateful we are to Anna-Louise for the lasting memories she captured, the kindness she showed us, and the intentional relationship she formed with us. She will forever be our go-to photographer for capturing all of life’s future milestones.